SFGATE: Musician killed in Oakland while trying to retrieve stolen laptop

Musician killed in Oakland while trying to retrieve stolen laptop
Published on August 10, 2017 at 05:16PM by Filipa Ioannou, Michael Bodley

Dave Deporis was killed in the middle of the day Wednesday in Oakland when he ran after the getaway car of the robber who took his laptop and ended up being dragged and run over, police said. The incident unfolded about 12:35 p.m. when at least one person snatched Deporis’ laptop as he worked at a cafe on Telegraph Avenue, near Rich Street, in the Temescal neighborhood, police said. Witnesses said the 40-year-old Deporis grabbed on to the side of a red Audi sport utility vehicle the robber jumped in and was briefly dragged until he slipped beneath the wheels of the vehicle and was run over. To his friends, and the musical community worldwide, Deporis, according to Vogel, was something of an “international man of mystery.” Deporis would tote his acoustic guitar everywhere he went, Vogel said, leading impromptu jam sessions with a variety of musicians of a variety of skill levels. At the drop of a hat, he could play music for people. … Deporis could shift from a low murmur to a throaty yell in a matter of seconds, a testament to his vocal range, friends said. Later in that same track, he sang “just like Bob Dylan played his songs,” a fleeting reference to one of his musical role models. Deporis had recently been couch-surfing in the Bay Area, but friends said they did not think twice about helping him, whether that was putting him up in their living room for a night or two, cooking him dinner or just shooting the breeze. The suspicion that there was no backup of the album was confirmed by a number of people who knew the late musician.

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